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On Sabbataen Jews-

A GAB Comment on An Article by Barry Chamish*

In his forward to the article written by Barry Chamish, Eric Phelps writes:

“In light of my research, his article simply put is as follows: the Pope’s Masonic Jewish Zionists,
including those racially half-Jews known as “Sabbateans,” are merely the open, visual agents of
the Black Pope in fulfilling his wicked Council of Trent in making the Pope the “Universal
Monarch of the World” ruling from Jerusalem’s soon-to-be-built Third Hebrew Temple. The
fulfillment of the Order’s Council of Trent (upheld by every Pope since its conclusion in 1563)
means the deliberate mass-murder of historic “heretic” Reformation Protestants, pre-
Reformation Baptists, racial and religious Jews, as well as “liberal” anti-Communist, anti-Jesuit,
anti-Masonic Roman Catholicsā€¦”*

There is also a claim in the article by Barry Chamish that the pope controls everything that goes on in Israel, and has from it’s inception. Barry Chamish was an excellent in depth reporter, getting to the bottom of things, such as the murder of Sonny Bono, just prior to his planned return to congress after a recess.

Congressman Bono was going to blow the lid on something that was going “current news” at the time, and of course, the powers that be could not have that happen. Sonny Bone, an excellent skier, died by skiing into a tree. This is the garbage the American people accepted as his cause of death.

If some of you would like that I upload a few of Dr. Stan’s MP3’s, of interest, I can do that.

Blessings to my brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ
May you walk in the Spirit, and not in the flesh (Gal. 5:16) AJM


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Christians Unite:

We must unite, if we are to take our country back…

Rich people have taken over control of our country. We are at war. The Constitution for These United States of America is still in place, as well as our form of government. We have a problem with the people, evil people, running our government. We the People are the governing consent for these evil people. We must unite, in order to remove our consent to their governorship. These are the people who constructed the Georgia Guidestones, most likely financed by Ted Turner years ago.

This is what is happening to us today. Look at the Tri -Commission, which is actually a spin off from the Cecil Rhodes’ Round Table. Other countries had a version of the round table, but it was named as if Royalty was involved in the title. What was that? I cannot think of the name right now, but The Tri Lateral Commission was named by the same who people who were working with Cecil Rhodes, because the United of America (always say of America) does not bow down to Royalty, at least not “We the [Christian] People”.

It is difficult to find the documentation, but sources I encountered years ago validated that the Rothchild family was working with Cecil Rhodes at the inception of his round table. The connection to their name was concealed many years ago. We the people must uniteā€¦

We must stand up for our God Given, Constitutionally protected rights of freedom. We have no king but Jesus, however the way our constitution is worded, We the People are in effect, collectively, the Kings and Queens of this country. We govern ourselves. If we are to return to that government, we must unite, in a military fashion, with a chain of command, and take action.

There will be many privates, who do nothing but make a phone call to their representatives, or who at the point of confrontation take the hiT by standing up for what our constitution says we are free to do. Some of us will likely go to jail, but like the African army ants, we must pay a price. Freedom is not free. Unite my brothers and sisters. This is time for A Christian Clarion Call for Freedom0-USA to be born. We must amass in very large numbers, up to a minimum of 35 million Christians, working together. With God, all things are possible. AJM #ACCC4FUSA

I am not buying into the “vibe” of CME, but only passing on details of the Georgia Guidestones…

Blessings, AJM #ACCC4FUSA