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On Sabbataen Jews-

A GAB Comment on An Article by Barry Chamish*

In his forward to the article written by Barry Chamish, Eric Phelps writes:

“In light of my research, his article simply put is as follows: the Pope’s Masonic Jewish Zionists,
including those racially half-Jews known as “Sabbateans,” are merely the open, visual agents of
the Black Pope in fulfilling his wicked Council of Trent in making the Pope the “Universal
Monarch of the World” ruling from Jerusalem’s soon-to-be-built Third Hebrew Temple. The
fulfillment of the Order’s Council of Trent (upheld by every Pope since its conclusion in 1563)
means the deliberate mass-murder of historic “heretic” Reformation Protestants, pre-
Reformation Baptists, racial and religious Jews, as well as “liberal” anti-Communist, anti-Jesuit,
anti-Masonic Roman Catholics…”*

There is also a claim in the article by Barry Chamish that the pope controls everything that goes on in Israel, and has from it’s inception. Barry Chamish was an excellent in depth reporter, getting to the bottom of things, such as the murder of Sonny Bono, just prior to his planned return to congress after a recess.

Congressman Bono was going to blow the lid on something that was going “current news” at the time, and of course, the powers that be could not have that happen. Sonny Bone, an excellent skier, died by skiing into a tree. This is the garbage the American people accepted as his cause of death.

If some of you would like that I upload a few of Dr. Stan’s MP3’s, of interest, I can do that.

Blessings to my brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ
May you walk in the Spirit, and not in the flesh (Gal. 5:16) AJM


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Decide Not to Smoke!!!

A booklet on how I was able to put out my last cigarette. You can do it too…

This booklet will help anyone to stop smoking permanently, should they truly desire to do so. It is the story of how I quit smoking for good. That is when I, Anthony J. Miley, actually made the decision to: Decide Not to Smoke. A booklet form treatise on the unique methods that helped me to stop. If you truly "Decide Not to Smoke", this book will help you to do it. Not available at any bookstore, but only here at Mountain Music Records. Also, go to for more information, or to make personal contact.


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All Men are Created Equal…

As stated in The Declaration of Independence!!!

If you say that all men are not created equal, then you disagree with our Nation’s prime foundational principal. Now we are getting somewhere, at least I feel we are making a headway.

We must remember that this Constitution for the United States of America was derived by a group of men, white men, who believed in God, the Father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who gave His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross for their sins, so that they can spend an eternity with them in Heaven, if they become Born Again, by inviting Jesus into their hearts.

You may not believe this, but our founding fathers did. When they told us in the Declaration of Independence that all men are created equal, they were speaking from a Christian Worldview. They were setting up a country where we would all have the same opportunities to succeed as one another, and to worship our God freely, with no restrictions, as they experienced in England.

The very first words of the Mayflower Compact are: “In the name of God, Amen.” This is the common theme that has run throughout all of our nation’s founding documents. What Apex Predators are attempting to do, it seems to me, is eradicate God from the equation, and somehow come up with a principal of life that puts them back on top, with out any regard to other people in the world.

God made us all, even the wicked for the day of destruction. He calls people fools who attempt to live under their own intellectual superiority, and not first trust in Him, so that He can direct their paths after dedicating their works to Him (see Proverbs 16). This is why I pray for everyone, especially those who might call me their enemy.

But, even knowing that “all men are created equal”, I must agree that some do, and will excel to greater heights than others in this world. I also know that not all of those equal men that God created will turn to their Creator. But, I thank God, that I am not judged by what I achieve here on earth, because I cannot take that with me. I prefer to store up my treasures in Heaven. AJM #ACCC4FUSA

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Donald Trump Shot Himself in the Foot!!!

My Comment to GAB in a Response to a Poll: Do I still support President Trump!

A reply to @I_Am_Texas

I was one of his most freely giving West Virginia donors, but since number 45 left the White House to the occupation of evil people, our enemies both foreign and domestic, I pulled my support. This persistent barking for the big pharma vaccines is totally inconsistent with my personal views on vaccinations, especially since I have known for decades that the aluminum in vaccines penetrate the brain.

This process helps bring on diseases that never existed in such a frequency as they do in today’s world. How sad.

I now believe that it is very possible he has actually been Deep State all along, and now is showing his real colors. At the time he announced his candidacy, I was telling everyone that he is a shill in the race, but his words and manner later convinced me that I was wrong. Now, I wonder if I was taken for a ride.

I wish that I did not have these thoughts.

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Why do you call these United States of America a Democracy?

Our Founding Fathers Hated Democracy!!!

These United States of America are not democracies, but Republics (each state was actually formed as a separate country, joining together as a Republic Federation. Today, we should have 50 seats in the United Nations, if none at all, which I prefer).

Look at the Article IV Section 4 of our Constitution: “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion…” Our federal government is not a democracy, but a Republic.

Our founding fathers hated democracy, because it always devolves into some sort of totalitarianism, after going through a socialistic phase, which we seem to be phasing out of at this time.

Mandates are a form of totalitarianism, and we have plenty of those facing us. Do we submit, or do we stand on our constitution? We each may have to face that decision. Do we stand together, or alone? Are you familiar with Aleksandr L Solzhenitsyn, and his Gulag Archipelago? AJM #ACCC4FUSA

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Christians Unite:

We must unite, if we are to take our country back…

Rich people have taken over control of our country. We are at war. The Constitution for These United States of America is still in place, as well as our form of government. We have a problem with the people, evil people, running our government. We the People are the governing consent for these evil people. We must unite, in order to remove our consent to their governorship. These are the people who constructed the Georgia Guidestones, most likely financed by Ted Turner years ago.

This is what is happening to us today. Look at the Tri -Commission, which is actually a spin off from the Cecil Rhodes’ Round Table. Other countries had a version of the round table, but it was named as if Royalty was involved in the title. What was that? I cannot think of the name right now, but The Tri Lateral Commission was named by the same who people who were working with Cecil Rhodes, because the United of America (always say of America) does not bow down to Royalty, at least not “We the [Christian] People”.

It is difficult to find the documentation, but sources I encountered years ago validated that the Rothchild family was working with Cecil Rhodes at the inception of his round table. The connection to their name was concealed many years ago. We the people must unite…

We must stand up for our God Given, Constitutionally protected rights of freedom. We have no king but Jesus, however the way our constitution is worded, We the People are in effect, collectively, the Kings and Queens of this country. We govern ourselves. If we are to return to that government, we must unite, in a military fashion, with a chain of command, and take action.

There will be many privates, who do nothing but make a phone call to their representatives, or who at the point of confrontation take the hiT by standing up for what our constitution says we are free to do. Some of us will likely go to jail, but like the African army ants, we must pay a price. Freedom is not free. Unite my brothers and sisters. This is time for A Christian Clarion Call for Freedom0-USA to be born. We must amass in very large numbers, up to a minimum of 35 million Christians, working together. With God, all things are possible. AJM #ACCC4FUSA

I am not buying into the “vibe” of CME, but only passing on details of the Georgia Guidestones…

Blessings, AJM #ACCC4FUSA

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The Miley Music Method

“A Mode is a Mode; The KEY is in the Signature”

The Miley Music Method is devised in such a way where the musician will see there is only one KEY possible for each note of the western chromatic scale. These 12 KEYs are identified by utilizing the tried and true KEY Signatures which have previously been taught for over two hundred years, but that is where the similarity stops, as far as KEYs, Scales and Modes are concerned.

The Miley Music Method shows why only one “KEY” is possible for each of the twelve notes of the western music scale, eliminating the confusion that comes from teaching the major and minor key theory of music. It therefore concretely explains formerly unanswerable questions from music students regarding keys modes and scales, such as: “If the Aeolian Mode is labeled a key, such as A minor, why isn’t the mode of Dorian labeled a key, or any other mode for that matter”?

The axiom coined and copyrighted by Mr. Miley while taking classes at Liberty University, declares: “A Mode is a Mode; the KEY is in the Signature”. This saying comes to life with the existence of his music method. No longer is the student confused about minor or major keys. His method shows, that in reality major and minor keys have never existed. There have only been major and minor modes, which in the past have been taught as if they were keys.

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Senator Joseph McCarthy

McCarthyism: Good or Bad?

I was about 11 years old when Senator Joe McCarthy began his quest to rid the United States of America from the inroads of Communism. That is what it was called at the time. Today, we call these people “The Deep State”. Senator McCarthy was getting very close, and beginning to frighten many journalists. I believe it was Walter Cronkite who was mentioned in the book Powers that Be, saying that he had been very scared of how close Senator McCarthy was getting to him. It is liberals such as this that moved into the shining light of truth. Walter Cronkite can be seen on YouTube telling a group of people at an award banquet that all the while he was a socialist, but he could not tell anyone. When McCarthy was getting close to Generals in the Military, the system moved against him. He was censured, and most likely died as a despondent alcoholic, who got the rug pulled out from underneath him, even though he was on the right track.

The following Wikipedia excerpt speaks loudly of how Joe was viewed by the people he was exposing as Communists (people working with the Communist party to undermine and negatively influence the government and people of our free nation).

McCarthyism is the practice of making accusations of subversion and treason, especially when related to communism and socialism.[1] The term originally referred to the controversial practices and policies of U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy (R-Wisconsin), and has its origins in the period in the United States known as the Second Red Scare, lasting from the late 1940s through the 1950s.[2] It was characterized by heightened political repression and persecution of left-wing individuals, and a campaign spreading fear of alleged communist and socialist influence on American institutions and of espionage by Soviet agents.[2] After the mid-1950s, McCarthyism began to decline, mainly due to Joseph McCarthy’s gradual loss of public popularity and credibility after several of his accusations were found to be false, and sustained opposition from the U.S. Supreme Court led by Chief Justice Earl Warren on human rights grounds.[3][4] The Warren Court made a series of rulings on civil and political rights that overturned several McCarthyist laws and directives, and helped bring an end to McCarthyism.[5][6][7]

My question is: If Senator Joseph McCarthy was on the wrong track, why is it that today we are dealing with a government which is filled with so many Deep State operatives (what I am calling the Communists today?

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Day Number Three, using my Samsung Note 9;

Life, Tribulation, and Oneness with the Agape Love of Jesus:

Prayer is always the first line of offence. Christians must move through this quagmire of evil and deceit of this world knowing that they have Victory in Jesus.

The Word of God is replete with verses telling us no to be taken down by the Devil. Read your Word. Live in His victory. Cherry pick your favorite verses, and use them as an anchor verse, such as: “I can do all things through Christ Who strengthens me.”

Find your own. Do yhe study yourself. Get into God’s Word, that you may stand on His Truth.

All things happen for good to those who know and love God, and are called to His purpose. Even the destruction of America will work for my good, if it goes that far. With that said, I continue to work and pray for the restoration of our republic!!! AJM