All Men are Created Equal…

As stated in The Declaration of Independence!!!

If you say that all men are not created equal, then you disagree with our Nation’s prime foundational principal. Now we are getting somewhere, at least I feel we are making a headway.

We must remember that this Constitution for the United States of America was derived by a group of men, white men, who believed in God, the Father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, who gave His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to die on the cross for their sins, so that they can spend an eternity with them in Heaven, if they become Born Again, by inviting Jesus into their hearts.

You may not believe this, but our founding fathers did. When they told us in the Declaration of Independence that all men are created equal, they were speaking from a Christian Worldview. They were setting up a country where we would all have the same opportunities to succeed as one another, and to worship our God freely, with no restrictions, as they experienced in England.

The very first words of the Mayflower Compact are: “In the name of God, Amen.” This is the common theme that has run throughout all of our nation’s founding documents. What Apex Predators are attempting to do, it seems to me, is eradicate God from the equation, and somehow come up with a principal of life that puts them back on top, with out any regard to other people in the world.

God made us all, even the wicked for the day of destruction. He calls people fools who attempt to live under their own intellectual superiority, and not first trust in Him, so that He can direct their paths after dedicating their works to Him (see Proverbs 16). This is why I pray for everyone, especially those who might call me their enemy.

But, even knowing that “all men are created equal”, I must agree that some do, and will excel to greater heights than others in this world. I also know that not all of those equal men that God created will turn to their Creator. But, I thank God, that I am not judged by what I achieve here on earth, because I cannot take that with me. I prefer to store up my treasures in Heaven. AJM #ACCC4FUSA

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