Donald Trump Shot Himself in the Foot!!!

My Comment to GAB in a Response to a Poll: Do I still support President Trump!

A reply to @I_Am_Texas

I was one of his most freely giving West Virginia donors, but since number 45 left the White House to the occupation of evil people, our enemies both foreign and domestic, I pulled my support. This persistent barking for the big pharma vaccines is totally inconsistent with my personal views on vaccinations, especially since I have known for decades that the aluminum in vaccines penetrate the brain.

This process helps bring on diseases that never existed in such a frequency as they do in today’s world. How sad.

I now believe that it is very possible he has actually been Deep State all along, and now is showing his real colors. At the time he announced his candidacy, I was telling everyone that he is a shill in the race, but his words and manner later convinced me that I was wrong. Now, I wonder if I was taken for a ride.

I wish that I did not have these thoughts.

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