an A. J. Miley, Ent. Enterprise

Mountain Music Records began as an independent record label in 1982. After recording a California Coast Side group with the name of Frontier in 1980, the first recording was published in 1981. Jeff Baldi, together with A. J. Miley co-wrote the song “Corvette the Chevy Jet”. This was second pressing of vinyl, although cassette singles were issued as well. It is believed that Mountain Music Records published the very first United States version of a Cassette Single in the year 1982. If you have any information to disprove that, please let us know.

This site is dedicated to sales of intellectual property distributed by Mother’s Mountain Publishing (an A. J. MIley, Ent. enterprise), mostly consisting of material generated by Anthony J. Miley, AKA A. J. the D. J.; A. J. Miley; and formerly known as Tony Miley during his Westmoor High School years, in Daly City, California.

As I catalog my intellectual property, it will be posted on this site for sale.

Please look forward to seeing interesting songs and books.