Corvette the Chevy Jet Record-40th Anniversary

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(sound file will be uploaded at a later date)

In the mean time, go to:

to listen to the promo…

In the future, a few original cassette tapes will be available, some original small hole 45’s, along with some juke box 45’s (with the big hole), and Original OEM insert sleeves as well.

I was never completely happy with the 24 track recording. This was only my second time in the recording studio, and I was little green around the edges. If I knew then what I know now, I believe that I would have made a better record, but as far as the song goes, this recording sounds like an expensive demo tape. I am hoping to find the time and the energy to do a remake with the original stems from this recording, and add a heavier guitar sound going through it.

The original Cassette tape was the first to be distributed here in the United States of America. I make this claim because my homework tells me that the UK distributed one in 1982 also, but none had yet to be distributed in the USA. This is my claim. It will be interesting to see if my advertisement in Billboard Magazine towards the end of this year has any takers on that challenge.

This post marks the beginning of my anniversary celebration for Mountain Music Records (42 years), and our Corvette the Chevy Jet recording on Vinyl and Cassette Tape. Look for additional promotions on other media.

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