The Miley Music Method

“A Mode is a Mode; The KEY is in the Signature”

The Miley Music Method is devised in such a way where the musician will see there is only one KEY possible for each note of the western chromatic scale. These 12 KEYs are identified by utilizing the tried and true KEY Signatures which have previously been taught for over two hundred years, but that is where the similarity stops, as far as KEYs, Scales and Modes are concerned.

The Miley Music Method shows why only one “KEY” is possible for each of the twelve notes of the western music scale, eliminating the confusion that comes from teaching the major and minor key theory of music. It therefore concretely explains formerly unanswerable questions from music students regarding keys modes and scales, such as: “If the Aeolian Mode is labeled a key, such as A minor, why isn’t the mode of Dorian labeled a key, or any other mode for that matter”?

The axiom coined and copyrighted by Mr. Miley while taking classes at Liberty University, declares: “A Mode is a Mode; the KEY is in the Signature”. This saying comes to life with the existence of his music method. No longer is the student confused about minor or major keys. His method shows, that in reality major and minor keys have never existed. There have only been major and minor modes, which in the past have been taught as if they were keys.

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